"I have been suffering from debilitating migraines for the past 30 yrs. I had been to numerous neurologists, chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, & even tried hypnosis, all to no avail. While Imitrex injections have been a godsend for me, they are quite expensive, plus of course have to be limited to prevent rebound headaches. Then, a few yrs. ago, a friend strongly recommended Bonnie Kilgore to me. Based on my previous experiences, I held out little hope, but yet was always desperate to find "the one." Well, VOILA! What a surprise! For the first time in 25 yrs., I had found a health care provider who could actually alleviate my pain. My use of Imitrex injections has been cut @ least by 1/2. Bonnie's extensive knowledge base along with her skill level far supersedes anyone in the medical field that I have personally or professionally (as a RN) encountered. Bonnie is the best, period."

Barb Knockel

"My husband and I go to Precise Solutions because Bonnie keeps us limber and able to move in our Golden Years. My husband's feet no longer hurt him and in the two years we have had the pleasure of Bonnie's expertise my chiropractor visits have gone down to maybe 3 per year instead of one per month. My back pain is gone and I am standing straight."

Diane and John Eichelmann

"We want to say that Bonnie Kilgore is a therapeutic and skilled masseuse. We have visited her regularly for about 7 years and find that the treatments relieve pain, stress, and other ailments. Bi-weekly visits keep problems and pains at bay. We would recommend Bonnie as the best!"

Stuart Dunlap and Debbie Reynolds

"Precise Solutions enjoys the benefit of world class healing professionals assembled by Bonnie Kilgore in one location in Albuquerque. It is a gentle healing environment."

John W Daugherty Founding President and current board member of Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry Foundation, a worldwide healing organization.

�If it were not for [Bonnie] fixing me week in and week out I would never have been able to sustain a healthy body and do what I love, which is playing soccer.�

Kyle Porter, Trinity University Men�s Soccer Captain

�After months of searching for a solution to relieve my muscular pain I finally found Bonnie. The first time I went to Bonnie my hips were three inches out of alignment, I could barely walk, and I could not turn my head without a stinging pain. After only one session with her I was able to go to a soccer tournament the next weekend and play in four games in two days with full range of motion.�

Kyle Porter, Trinity University Men�s Soccer Captain

�Most other massage therapists do not say a word to you when you are on their table. It is normally a very cold and awkward experience. However, Bonnie actually cares about her clients and is not only a miracle worker when it comes to fixing people�s muscles and realigning whatever is out of place, but she is also a friend.�

Kyle Porter, Trinity University Men�s Soccer Captain

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